Stills from War Child Movie Stills from War Child Movie Emmanuel with Kids in Nairobi slums 16397136 Emmanuel performs for kids in Nairobi slums 16397133 School kids in Nairobi Slums 16397142 Emmanuel and kid in Nairobi Slums 16397110 World Foot Program Sign 16397121 UN Car in Kakuma 16397146 UN Car 16397137 Kakuma Shoot 16397138 Emmanuel speaks to kids in Kakuma Kakuma, found in the northwestern region of Kenya, has hosted the Kakuma Refugee Camp since 1992. This camp serves over 70,000 people from neighbouring countries that have been at war for a long time. A majority are from southern Sudan like Emmanuel. 16397118 Kakuma Shoot, 2 16397120 Karim Chrobog and Emmanuel with camera 16397139 Sign of Operation Lifeline Sudan Operation Lifeline Sudan (OLS) is a consortium of UN agencies and approximately 35 NGOs (Non-governmental organizations) operating in southern Sudan to provide humanitarian assistance throughout war-torn and drought-afflicted regions in the South. Operation Lifeline Sudan was established in April 1989 in response to a devastating famine and the effects of a long-term civil war, as a result of negotiations between the UN, the Government of Sudan and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) to deliver humanitarian assistance to all civilians in need, regardless of their location or political affiliation. (Source: Wikipedia) 16397166 Emmanuel Jal 16397163 Emmanuel Jal with his Grandma 16397108 Friends in Sudan 16397109 Emmanuel with extended family in Sudan 16397135 Karim Chrobog on tank in Sudan 16397161 South Sudan sunset 16397167 South Sudan sunset, 2 16397145 Emmanuel by a tank 16397112 Emmanuel by a tank, close up 16397126 Emmanuel with another tank 16397127 Emmanuel with another tank, 2 16397117 Karim Chrobog on the phone in Sudan 16397140 Sudan Sunset 16397168 Karim Chrobog and Jal with driver 16397141 Emmanuel introduced to his father's family 16397116 USA Food 16397171 Emmanuel with family 16397119 Jal Family Picture in Sundan 16397128 Emmanuel introduced to Aunt 16397131 Sudan Sunet, 2 16397169 Contested Oil Fields 16397106 DOP on the Oil Fields - Sudan 16397107 Emma's Grave 16397123 South Sudan sunrise 16397144 Emmanuel, three-quarter profile 16397134 UN Plane 16397165 Bird's Eye view of Sudan 16397122 Emmanuel in Sudan 16397130 Karim Chrobog with UN car 16397143 Rumbek Airport, southern Sudan Rumbek (Arabic: رمبك‎) is the capital of the state of Lakes (also known as Buhayrat) in southern Sudan. Following the peace agreement ending the Second Sudanese Civil War, the Sudanese People's Liberation Movement chose it as the interim administrative center of the semi-autonomous southern regions. Juba became the permanent capital. Rumbek had a population of slightly under 100,000 in 2005, and sustained significant damage during the conflict. (Source: Wikipedia) 16397164 Sunset and Tukuls 16397170 War Child: Child Soldiers 16397147